Scribbly's Avatar Why Scribbly? Scribbled is derived from the common name of one of the 10 Eucalypts that have insect trails (scribbles) in the bark. Eucalyptus haemastoma is a dominant species where I live and is commonly known as "Scribbly Gum".

Eucalyptus haemastoma has got to be one of my favourite Eucalypts, and seemed to fit with my style; I'm not sure if I was unduly influenced by Mr Squiggle during my childhood, but I've always seemed to build up a final product through small additions. (We also have a great specimen in our back yard).

What you can find here

I like fiddling with various programming ideas, not that I'm an overly experienced programmer, but I have fun. Most of the programmes here are very much in development, and not even alpha!

I like to use DonationWare and FreeWare, so I'll post Reviews of the software I use. This is just one way to say "Thanks" for the Developer's hard work.