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NANY 2010

  14/12/09 21:58, by scribbly, Categories: Announcements, Development, Software , Tags: contest, donationcoder, nany
NANY 2010 has started with a bang! NANY is a couple of weeks old and we've got: 27 Pledges 16 Teasers 6 Entries already! N.A.N.Y. stands for "New Apps for the New Year", and is an event where we try to get all the coders who hang out at D… more »

TimeZone Updated to 1.2.0

  17/09/09 01:29, by scribbly, Categories: Announcements, Development, FARR, TimeZone
This release updates the FScript.dll to the latest version (1.19). FARR is about to undergo a major overhaul where its scripting plugins is concerned, and all FScript Plugin writers were requested to update in this request. Download here: TimeZone Web… more »

FARR TimeZone Updated to 0.9.3

  18/03/09 20:57, by scribbly, Categories: Announcements, Development, Software, FARR, TimeZone
Today I released a small update to FARR TimeZone. TucknDar over at DonationCoder asked about the ability to use his native language in FARR TimeZone. Of course it's easily fixed by changing the month and day names in the source, but I thought I'd go o… more »

FARR TimeZone Released

  11/03/09 23:32, by scribbly, Categories: Announcements, Development, Software, FARR, TimeZone
FARR TimeZone 0.9.0 has officially been released. There is also a Topic at DonationCoder. I'm very happy for comments and suggestions :) more »

The 2009 NANY Challenge

  02/01/09 19:59, by scribbly, Categories: Announcements, Software
I had the honour this year to help on DonationCoder's annual challenge: The 2009 NANY Challenge. The NANY Challenge for 2009 has just been completed! The NANY Challenge is DonationCoder's annual Software Challenge where coders of all experience levels… more »

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Scribbly is derived from the common name of one of the 10 Eucalypts that have insect trails (scribbles) in the bark. Eucalyptus haemastoma is a dominant species where I live and is commonly known as "Scribbly Gum".

The scribbles on the bark of these magnificent trees often reminded me of the journey of many of my projects: somewhat random, but beautiful in the end.


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