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TimeZone Updated to 1.3.2

  07/02/10 20:46, by scribbly, Categories: Software I use, FARR, TimeZone
TimeAndDate.com is a great site, but at some stage they changed what they do with their default language and started serving up your default language for your location. A great feature, but it broke TimeZone.This release fixes the requirement to use Engl… more »

TimeZone Updated to 1.2.2

  27/01/10 23:49, by scribbly, Categories: Development, Software, Software I use, FARR, TimeZone
TimeZone has just been updated to version 1.2.2. This update fixes the downloader that wasn't configured to work with all the time formats that TimeAndDate.com were dishing up. Each time they dished up the times for me it was in AM/PM format, but than… more »

TimeZone Updated to 1.2.1

  22/09/09 15:05, by scribbly, Categories: Development, Software, Software I use, FARR, TimeZone
FARR (Find And Run Robot) is a wonderful piece of software that has the ability of being extended with Plugins. TimeZone is just one of those Plugins. TimeZone is built on the FScript Plugin that allows us to write FARR plugins in javaScript, vbScript… more »


  19/04/09 23:48, by scribbly, Categories: Development, Software, Software I use , Tags: linux, mantis, php
I've had quite a bit of fun today... Last week the good people at LunarPages moved me off the Windows machine I was on and put me on one of their new and faster Linux servers. I was getting fairly consistent database errors on the Windows server, and… more »

Backup4All Saves the Day

  12/06/08 21:13, by scribbly, Categories: Announcements, Software, Software I use , Tags: backup4all
As mentioned in this previous post, I was having issues using Backup4All to backup to my webspace via FTP. The developers at SoftLand did a lot of investigation and finally, after having the issue manifest whilst they were using the programme backing… more »

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Scribbly is derived from the common name of one of the 10 Eucalypts that have insect trails (scribbles) in the bark. Eucalyptus haemastoma is a dominant species where I live and is commonly known as "Scribbly Gum".

The scribbles on the bark of these magnificent trees often reminded me of the journey of many of my projects: somewhat random, but beautiful in the end.


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