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Backup4All Saves the Day

  12/06/08 21:13, by scribbly, Categories: Announcements, Software, Software I use , Tags: backup4all

As mentioned in this previous post, I was having issues using Backup4All to backup to my webspace via FTP.

The developers at SoftLand did a lot of investigation and finally, after having the issue manifest whilst they were using the programme backing up to my server, modified their programme to take account of this issue. This modification is included in all future releases of the programme.

What was the issue?

The Backup4All developers say that

the [FTP] server does not respond correctly to "size" command.

I'm not sure what they did to get around the issue (I've got to assume that SyncBack had to do similar things), or why the issue was just showing up now (that has never been explained, and my host would love to know)?

But I'm glad it's fixed :D

Also note that DonationCoder have a 30% Discount available to members.

DonationCoder will also be offering 7 copies of Backup4All Pro in its monthly give-away for members: ETA Mid-June!

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