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TimeZone Updated to 1.3.2

  07/02/10 20:46, by scribbly, Categories: Software I use, FARR, TimeZone

TimeAndDate.com is a great site, but at some stage they changed what they do with their default language and started serving up your default language for your location. A great feature, but it broke TimeZone.

This release fixes the requirement to use English on TimeAndDate.com. Now you can use any language you like on TimeAndDate.com and TimeZone will correctly use the data.

This version also removes any limit (almost) to how many favourites you can have.

TimeZone will now switch views when the results are greater than the FARR Setting.

Download here: TimeZone Website

Leave comments here or discuss over at DonationCoder.com.


Comment from: Slartibartfarst

Donation coder discussion:
Re: FARR Plugin: TimeZone [Update version 1.3.2]
IainB on 2010/03/16:
@Perry Mowbray: Could you help please? Same as dortom, I have been unable to recover from the last update, which seems to have now wiped my 11 time zone settings, and I am unable to reset them as the drop-down lists are empty. I don’t see how to fix this.

27/03/10 @ 01:33
Comment from: scribbly  

Thanks for the heads-up: the problem was that TimeAndDate.com changed their website’s html.

Please download from scribbly.mitupela.net/programmes/farr/timezone/ version 1.3.3 or use dcUpdater to update your version of TimeZone.

1.3.3 should fix the problem.

05/04/10 @ 13:12
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