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ContactFX :: Snippet for Comment

  18/08/10 00:18, by scribbly, Categories: Development, Software, VB.Net, ContactFX

I've released a "Snippet for Comment" over on DonationCoder to get some feedback of the directions the project is taking: NANY 2011 Teaser: ContactFX (NANY calls them Teasers).

To run the application just download, unzip and run... the application should perform properly in portable mode.

At the moment all you can do is:

  • Addressbook
    • Create a new contact
      • Add fields to the Contact by dragging from the Control Pallet
        • Edit the fields
          • Add values
          • Edit labels (via context menu)
            • Set width
            • Set layout (fill width | add linebreak )
            • save it back to the addressbook
    • Open thus created contacts to view or edit
  • Settings
    • Change the few settings that are currently available (more will come)
  • About
    • Show the About window
    • Follow some of the links &#59;)

ContactFX is designed to be flexible by the user, with as few "rules" about how to set out any Contact. So although I've designated some suitable uses for the various parts of the Contact window, they wont be enforced in any way: each Contact's layout could be unique if that's what you wanted. Hopefully it'll become clearer when I've got a bit more functionality implemented, but I hope you get the idea.

I'm keen for comments and suggestion! B)

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