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FlowLayoutPanel Bug

  23/12/10 00:16, by scribbly, Categories: Development, Software, VB.Net, ContactFX

The new year is fast approaching and I get this feeling like ContactFX isn't going to get done for NANY 2011 :(

But I'm trying to at least get a cut down version happening.

I've been working on the Address Control (which is admittedly fairly complex, but I thought it's a main field of an address card... surely?), and I thought that the layout code was just about done. But to my shock / horror / anger the control failed to layout correctly in the FlowLayOut Panel!! But only when the preceding control had a FlowBreak applied...

So, off to search the internet for an answer... and very quickly discovered that Yauhen Safrankou had only recently solved the same problem. Well, in fact, the problem was "solved" by LewisG over at Windows Forms General: Flowlayoutpanel flowbreak bug. It creates unwanted empty space.

To quote Yauhen:

It seems the height of the gap is the same as the height of the second control following after the flow break. And the workaround to get rid of the gap is to add an additional panel of zero size just after the flow break.

Quoted from Workaround an old bug in FlowBreak of FlowLayoutPanel (at Friday, 24 December 2010 12:13:13 AM).

The internet is a wonderful thing when it works :D

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