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AutoHotKey Multiple Programme Launcher [AMPL] is a FindAndRunRobot [FARR] Plugin that Creates, Runs and Manages specialised AutoHotKey [AHK] scripts that run multiple progrogrammes.

AMPL requires AutoHotKey to be present, though not installed, on the system.

AMPL can also be run outside of the FARR environment, as the scripts are standard AHK scripts. The Scripts can aslo be used in StartUp sequences or used in Quick Launch and/or Desktops.

Key Features

  • Run multiple programmes and position them exactly the way you want them, every time, regardless of where you last closed them.
  • Can be used inside or outside of FARR: QuickLaunch, Desktop, etc.
  • Support for a wide variety of file types: executables, text files, urls, email, etc (i.e. Every file type that AHK supports)
  • Support for USB installations
  • Numerous window manipulations:
    • Delay Before
    • Command Parameters
    • Move Window to specific coordinates
    • Size Window to specific Width and Height
    • Delay After
    • Minimise | Maximise window
    • Wait For window to Close | Become Inactive

Screen Shots

amplMainOptions, 45kB

ScriptEditor.png, 49kB


AMPL has not been released.

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