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tz Typing "tz" will present you with the 3 configuration utilities:
favTimeZone.png, 19kB Up to Five favourite TimeZones can be set to automatically dispaly.
settings.png, 20 kB Opens the Settings window so that TimeZone options can be changed.
Download.png, 20 kB Downloads a fresh copy of the data from TimeAndDate.Com
information.png, 6 kB The readme file.
tz (.*)

"tz" followed by a space, and search characters, will display matching cities and their current time.

The search string will accept and use a Regular Expression (which means you may need to escape some characters, eg: "u\." for U.S.A.

tzs (.*)

"tzs" followed by a space, and search characters, will search DateAndTime.com for the search string.

The results of the search can be used to add a custom URL for Cities that are not available in the drop down.


List Type

The Time Zone list is available in two formats:

City Name Addis Ababa Wed 5:55 AM
Guatemala Tue 8:55 PM
Nassau Tue 9:55 PM
Adelaide Wed 1:25 PM
Halifax Tue 10:55 PM
New Delhi Wed 8:25 AM
Country [- State ]- City Afghanistan - Kabul Wed 7:27 AM
Mexico - Federal District - Mexico City Tue 8:57 PM
Algeria - Algiers Wed 3:57 AM
Morocco - Casablanca Wed 2:57 AM
Argentina - Buenos Aires Wed 12:57 AM
Myanmar - Yangon Wed 9:27 AM
Australia - Australian Capital Territory - Canberra Wed 1:57 PM
Nepal - Kathmandu Wed 8:42 AM
Australia - New South Wales - Sydney Wed 1:57 PM

Launch in FARR

Opens the selected city's TimeAndDate.com page in FARR's internal browser, otherwise the default external browser is used.

Download each Launch

Downloads a fresh version of the data file each time FARR is launched.

Log Download

Logs the Download process to FindAndRunRobot\Plugins\TimeZone\Data\log.txt: If TimeZone reports an incorrect time for an isolated timezone please zip up the log file and send it to me.

Check Favourites

Version 1.4.0 introduces new functionality that will help TimeZone to maintain the correct times during Daylight Savings Time changes around the globe.

If enabled TimeZone will check each of your Favourite's times with the current time reported on TimeAndDate.com. If a discrepency is found TimeZone will download a fresh version of the data.

Check Favourites has the following setting:

Months The months to check in comma separated numeric format: 1-12. If the field is blank then each month will be checked.

DST switches generally during the Spring/Autumn seasons, but the actual dates are determined on an ad-hoc basis each year. All but one TimeAndDate.com location is covered by the default "3,4,9,10,11", but this can be edited to suit your own list of Favourites. DST dates can be checked at TimeAndDate.com.

Date Format

The following format codes can be used to define the format of the date in the search results:

Field Full Form Short Form
Year yyyy (4 digits) yy (2 digits), y (2 or 4 digits)
Month MMM (name or abbr.)
NNN (abbr.)
MM (2 digits), M (1 or 2 digits)
Day of Month dd (2 digits) d (1 or 2 digits)
Day of Week EE (name) E (abbr)
Hour (1-12) hh (2 digits) h (1 or 2 digits)
Hour (0-23) HH (2 digits) H (1 or 2 digits)
Hour (0-11) KK (2 digits) K (1 or 2 digits)
Hour (1-24) kk (2 digits) k (1 or 2 digits)
Minute mm (2 digits) m (1 or 2 digits)
Second ss (2 digits) s (1 or 2 digits)
AM/PM a  


"MMM d, y" matches:
  • January 01, 2000
  • Dec 1, 1900
  • Nov 20, 00
"M/d/yy" matches:
  • 01/20/00
  • 9/2/00
"MMM dd, yyyy hh:mm:ssa" matches:
  • "January 01, 2000 12:30:45AM"

Locale setting

Locales are loaded from the Locale directory and are simple ini files, feel free to make your own. Caution: FARR does not display Unicode correctly! If you create a new locale please send it through to me.


Favourites can have the following settings:

TimeZone Timezone to use for this favourite.
URL The URL to use for this favourite. Selecting a new value in the TimeZone drop down will update the URL with the default value; if the required city is not available in the drop down a custom URL can be added here.

For example: Alice Springs is not available in the Drop Down List, but is in the Adelaide timezone and is available on TimeAndDate.com. The TimeZone would be set to Adelaide, the URL set to 929, the label set to Alice Springs.
Rep When checked on the Timezone label will be Replaced with the Favourite Label
Label The Favourite Label. The Favourite Label will be concatenated with the Timezone Label if the Replace checkbox is checked off.
Date Format The Date Format to use with this Favourite. This can be different for each Favourite.

Adding a Favourite
Select the time zone in the dropdown list, complete the other settings and click the Add button.
Editing a Faviourite
Double-Click the Favourite in the ListView to edit it. Click the Save button to save your changes back to the list.
Editing the List
The order of the list can be changed when an entry is being edited by using the Up and Down buttons.
Deleting a Favourite
Double-Click the Favourite in the ListView to edit it, click the Delete button.


Favourite Locations not available in Settings Drop Down
"tzs" can be used to search TimeAndDate.com for a particular city if it is not available in TimeZone.

For Example: typing "tz Alice Spings" will not produce a result in FARR, but it can be added as a Favourite; First the page parameter needs to be found from TimeAndDate.com, typing "tzs Alice Spings" will produce a result that will search TimeAndDate.com for a location. Find the page link that is titled "Current local time in..." and note the n parameter of the link. For Alice Springs the link is http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/city.html?n=929

Add a new Favourite in TimeZone Settings: In the Timezone dropdown select Adelaide (Alice Spings is in CST, ie Adelaide), change the default URL from 5 (Adelaide) to 929 (Alice Springs), check Replace, add Alice Spings to the Label. Select "Save".

Optional Launch Methods
Regardless of the Launch in FARR setting, you can use the Right Mouse Button Context Menu to open the url in the external browser if desired.

Summer/Daylight Saving Time
TimeZone watches your UTC Offset, so when you move into or out from Summer/Daylight Saving Time it will automatically re-download the data file.

TimeZone watches your Favourite's Summer/Daylight Saving Time changes. For other countries, use the ReDownload option to download a fresh data file if you notice that the quoted times are incorrect.

Incorrect Times
If you find an error in the time calculation the logging function is still available. Please ensure that Logging is enabled, then create a zip file of the following files and email them to me:

  • FindAndRunRobot\Plugins\TimeZone\Data\*
  • FindAndRunRobot\Plugins\TimeZone\timezone.ini

timeanddate.png, 1.7kB

TimeZone uses the data published at TimeAndDate.com. I believe that TimeZone conforms to the Link Policy, and have informed the site owners of this project. TimeAndDate is a great site with lots of useful tools and information.

ecaradec.gif, 912B

Thanks to ecaradec for making FARR Plugins so easy with his Javascript SDK.

mouser.gif, 3.2kB

Thanks to Mouser who created FARR.

MattKruse.gif, 5.4kB

Date functions by: Matt Kruse ( http://www.mattkruse.com/)

Buuf_by_mattahan.png.jpg, 23kB

Icons by: mattahan:: Buuf (some have been composited).

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