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TimeZone is a FindAndRunRobot [FARR] Plugin that allows FARR to display current times of major world cities based on your search criteria. TimeZone uses the data published on TimeAndDate.com to populate its lists. Results can be in a "Country - State - City" or "City" form, and displays their current date and time in a user set format.

Key Features

  • Display current world times as you type.
  • Display upto 5 favourites
  • Summer / Daylight Saving Time aware.
  • Dynamic linking to TimeAndDate.com's webpage
  • TimeAndDate carry many more Time and Date features on their website, and is well worth a visit.

Screen Shots

FARRTimeZoneResults.png, 53kB SettingsWindow.png, 34kB


Download the TimeZone Zip File and unpack into the Plugins directory of FARR.

If you use dcUpdater you can download the dcUpdater file and load it into dcUpdater.

Version History
Version Date Changes
1.4.2 2010.12.08 Fixed the path error that became apparent in Win7 (See this post amongst others)
1.4.1 2010.07.29 Correction of issues introduced in 1.4.0:
! fscript.js was saved in UTF-8, which caused issues: On XP an error on load and I'm hoping this issue too?
! FARRTimeZone.exe updated to 2.1.1 -- Fixed notification bug with FARR that stopped loading of data [reported here]
1.4.0 2010.04.09 + Checks Favourites for time changes on FARR launch
+ Settings backed up (1 version) on each save.
! Fixed bug: TempFile not deleted
+ Settings rollover messages fixed & added to INI files
+ General functional improvements: FARRTimeZone.exe updated to 2.1.0 -- Hopefully future proofed further changes at TimeAndDate.com?
1.3.3 2010.04.06 TimeAndDate.com changed their pages which broke my RegEx: This meant that the data file was not correctly downloaded. This is now fixed.
1.3.2 2010.02.08 ! TimeZone now interigates TimeAndDate for the user's language settings: This removes the requirement of using English on TimeAndDate.
+ Number of favourites now not limited to 5 (you can have up to 50 if you really want to).
+ %MAXRESULTSDEF% is now used to switch the views
+ FARRTimeZone.exe updated to 2.0
1.2.2 2010.01.28 ! Finally realised that DateAndTime dish up time formats based on user location: Downloader now fixed to work with any format. Thanks to IainB for being the catalyst.
1.2.1 2009.09.21 ! Fixed the bug that kept the FARR window open for other searches..
1.2.0 2009.09.17 ~ Updated to latest FScrip.dll (1.19) because of this request.
1.1.0 2009.09.08 + Added Custom URL for locations not available in Drop Down.
+ Added tzs alias to search DateAndTime.com.
1.0.1 2009.07.06 ! Fixed AMPM bug.
~ Cleaned up the settings drop-down values.
1.0.0 2009.05.08 ~ Changed name of settings exe to FARRTimeZone (to stop wakoopa confusion).
+ Added Logging of download process to aid debugging.
0.9.6 2009.04.29 ! Removed the test data mistakenly left behind in the settings window (Thanks Chris for the headsup).
0.9.5 2009.04.24 ! Fixed width of settings window (Thanks Chris for the prompt).
+ Implemented Load Each Launch.
0.9.4 2009.04.21 ! Fixed bug with Favourites that included ether parenthesis.
! Fixed setting a blank Favourite when a URL was not selected.
0.9.3 2009.03.20 + Extended favourite settings
+ Locale setting
0.9 2009.03.12 Initial Release

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